What I've learnt in the last few months

Firstly, I wanted to apologize that I've been very lazy with my blog and that my last entry was way back in July! 

A lot of things have happened since then, but I'm happy to report that I've been very busy slowly laying down the foundation for what I hope will be a steady creative business. My process so far was to slowly experiment and build a body of work that I was happy with and put my work out there for everyone to see. I did this daily...just drawing and putting it up, doing commissions and bigger pieces..talking to other artists. The response since from people on facebook, instagram and in person have been so encouraging and positive, it's been truly humbling and motivating. 

In August I then decided to register Inky Cat Studio as a proper business entity and to build it up as a brand. It has a long way to go but I've been plugging away and moving forward every day....

There's an impatience in me and a continuous internal critique of how to move forward with ICS, but in my mind as long as I'm not paralyzed by any insecurities or fears then that counts for me as progress. As they say "Done is better than perfect". Which of course, doesn't mean you should churn out sloppy work, but I can't be agonizing over what needs to be done either. Sometimes it's a little hard, but I feel like I'm getting better at it. 

 Not me, but my loyal helper elf. Here he is packing away some art prints. 

Not me, but my loyal helper elf. Here he is packing away some art prints. 

I could give you a detailed account about what other things have happened since July but I think I'd just like to share a few of the things I've learnt along the way (in no order) : 

  • A nicely worded email will get you places. 
  • Being internet / technology savvy really does help
  • Always double check any finance related calculations you've made 
  • Time is money. 
  • Having a routine makes it easier to create even on days when you have zero inspiration. 
  • Sometimes, when you really don't want to create. Just don't. Go to sleep or play a game on the iPad. 
  • In art, try everything, create many things. 
  • Talk to other makers, artists...always tap into the good vibes by being around like minded people. 
  • Don't be afraid to be proud of your art. 
  • Every artist feels insecure about their own work.
  • Listen to people. You'll be surprised who and where someone will say something kind or helpful. 

But above all, what surprised me the most was that as soon as I threw myself head on into Inky Cat Studio, things started falling into place. I guess after so many years of thinking about being a creative, I had imagined roadblocks that were much much larger than they really were. Not to say that it's been an easy few months...but it definitely was NOT impossible. 

I've read some people describe instances like this as the "Law of Attraction". That 'like attracts like' - focussing on positive things attract other positive things. I wouldn't say I've experience this on such a grand scale..but working on something I really enjoy, despite the stressful, frustrating moments..and talking to other people about it, getting recognition, improving, all this has just led to other experiences that have enriched me. Thinking about it now, I guess it's more like 'you reap what you sow'. But the difference from before all of this, is that I know what my goals are and exactly what kind of seeds I'm planting. 

So where to from here but on to clearer and bigger goals! That means more art, more business partnerships, more exhibits....but also, more understanding of myself. 

 Me and my work at a store :D 

Me and my work at a store :D 

Here's to a great last few months and thank you so much to everyone for giving your support to this fledgling artist on her journey. I know where I'm heading now :)