Painting "Small" with video

The other week I found a website called Illustration Friday which featured lots of great artwork from different artists, styles and mediums. The premise of the website is not only to feature lots of varied artwork, but also to try and have fun by submitting illustrations around a particular theme. 

I haven't really tried illustrating or painting anything around a specific theme but I thought I'd ease myself into it by giving this week's theme a go. The theme was "Small" and this was my interpretation: 

I always liked the miniaturisation of the stuff we use often and I thought our phones were definitely no exception. So here's a depiction of this happening in the extreme - iPhone XXXSSS :) 

Here's a short video of the initial sketching phase: 

I made a few minor adjustments to the hand before I started giving it some light shading with a brush. Then I started adding in the shadows and a little bit more detail: 

And there we have it! My first submission to Illustration Friday :D I must say, I'm a little excited about next week's topic. It's really nice to just have fun and to try something new with these little challenges.