My first Zine: The Unobservant Poet

Some of you may remember years ago a poetry/children's illustration project of mine called The Unobservant Poet. The idea was to create a book of children's, very silly poetry written and illustrated by me. The idea still lives on strong inside me, but my drive to see the project to fruition has gone on hiatus for a little bit....until today. 

In preparation for a very informal meet up get together where I'll be sharing how to make a basic zine, I thought I'd put together one myself to show as a reference. I wanted something under a cohesive theme and something that was pretty much complete (I was working on this after midnight lol). I dug around my old files and folders and found my old poems. TUP was exactly what I was looking for. So, here I present to you:

"The Unobservant Poet - A collection of ridiculous poems".

If any of you would like a hard copy of this zine printed and mailed to you, just send me an email :) Hard copies are SGD$3 plus postage.