Two months of personal development

I missed my opportunity to do a "Happy New Year" post where I'd list down all my resolutions (I didn't have much , don't worry :). So here I am again on my blog playing catch up. Unlike last year, I felt that my intentions were pretty clear for the rest of 2017.

2016, I felt was all about me facing outwards...sharing my work, displaying it and really taking on the mantle of being an artist. I participated in exhibitions, design shows, charity projects all through out 2016 whilst running Inky Cat Studio the brand. It was exciting, gratifying and there was so much to learn and so many people to meet. Putting so much of myself out there was an incredible experience, but also tiring and by December I knew that for 2017 I just wanted to focus on my personal development first. 

I wanted to see what I would find if I focused on developing my technical skills, ideas I've been wanting to flesh out and projects I haven't had time for. I'm pleased to say that as I write this up in March, I definitely feel on track with my goal. 

Before, I used to get annoyed and frustrated about how I had too many different areas of focus in my art. But now, I enjoy trying out many different things. Maybe I've been starved for play time or experimentation. But gradually, I've found that for me, creative exploration has been an important way to develop myself as an artist. I think this shift towards playfulness, looseness and learning has started to show in my artwork.

 My apprehension after reading the news about world politics 

My apprehension after reading the news about world politics 

 Trying out new subjects

Trying out new subjects

    My use of color has become about what I feel like, rather than what I see, and I am really enjoying this shift in ideas. I've also taken an huge interest in figure drawing. I've been participating in life drawing sessions regularly each month and I think I'm finally getting used to observing and expressing what I see in my own way. 


I absolutely love this feeling of expressiveness. Granted, my work always has room for improvement, but I welcome the sense of ease that I feel knowing that I can be playful and try different things and find what works best for me in that way. I think I had forgotten how to learn about my own art. 

Another aspect I've noticed is that whatever I learn in one area (eg. life drawing, watercolors) slowly bleeds into another and I begin to create new type of work. That in itself is also exciting to me. 


I've started digitally drawing/painting character based short stories (I recently found out these are called one-shots lol). Drawing on the computer isn't new to me, but lately, I've found I've been actually thinking of it as another viable medium for me. My comfort in using digital mediums to tell a story and express myself is growing. 

Currently I've entered another stage in my art where I'm interested in the story book aesthetic. I've been painting a number of pieces based on the world of tiny little white cats that I call Meeples.  I'll post again about these paintings, but just know that although they take longer to make, these paintings seem to be a great combination of all my pursuits so far.

All of this in just 2 months since I decided to put myself first. Where towards the end of 2016 I was feeling drained and a little bit in a rut, today I feel like whatever idea I have is fair game :) I can't wait to see where my art will be in another 2 months!